Testimonials & Work Samples

Thank you to my customers and friends who have shared the following work samples.  For some, you can scroll through multiple books from the same person using the arrows within the image box. All examples had different starting points, but it has been a joy to help improve the quality and conditions of these books over time.  If you have samples you'd like to include on this page please email me here.  Thank you!

Rey - KC, MO

Steve has been my go to for pressing and submitting any books to CGC for the past 2 years making my comic book hunts more fun, I no longer have to worry about a pressable defect making an impact on my grading.

Charlie Lostboy 

Facebook / North Carolina

"I’ve known Steve for a while now and it all started with me trusting him to do a banging job on my books! And he has never disappointed. I call him “The Fixer” One of the best! 

RJ - Philadelphia, PA

"Just want to give a huge thanks to Steve's Comic Cleaning and PRessing!! Cracked this as a cbcs 9.2 they worked their magic and this beauty just arrived!

Joel - Park River, ND

Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing is great! Still can’t believe he got this to a 9.8!!! Great job Steve Ritter

Marcus - Swansea, IL

Steve always does an excellent job with all my comic books before sending them off to CGC for grading or signature.  I never had an issue with Steve and he go beyond the call of duty to issue the best service possible.

Jesse - Joelton, TN

“Steve did an incredible job with my books for my first CGC Signature Series submission. He cared for the books as if they were his own. He cracked two of the already graded books and got massive grade bumps! Steve is amazing at what he does!”

Kevin - Nicholls, GA

“I’ve just started getting into CGC grading within the last year and Steve has been my go-to for all my cleaning and pressing. I’ve sent in multiple books and I’ve been satisfied with all of them coming back!”

David B - St. Louis, MO

Steve is one of the best cleaners and pressers around. He always works wonders on my books and I recommend him to all my friends. Give him a try and you’ll be pleased what he does for you on comics that are newer or older!

Brett W

A shoutout to Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing for an outstanding job on a few books of mine.

Matt R - Dubois, PA

I am highly pleased to recommend Steve's services. Steve exhibits remarkable professionalism and dedication to his craft. His swift and efficient service ensures your treasured comics are cared for and returned to you promptly without compromising on quality. On my first submission with Steve to CGC, I was pleasently surprised that there wasn't a single defect in the graders notes that Steve could've prevented. He goes above and beyond! If you're looking for a reliable, fast, and highly committed professional to care for your comics, Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing is an outstanding choice.