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What is your current turnaround time?

The turnaround time for comic books varies.  If it appears that it will take more than 6 weeks for me to begin on a new set of books then I will temporarily close the submission form.  Most often I can start orders within 2-3 weeks.  I do not have a lot of customers, but I'm fortunate to have a lot of repeat customers as this is something I do on the side to connect with the comic book community. This turnaround time is in addition to CGC's turnaround timeline plus the time to ship from me to them. You can keep up on CGC turnaround times by clicking here. Scroll down and see the right column for timelines.

How much does it cost for cleaning and pressing services?

You can find all information related to costs on the Pricing page.

Are my books good candidates for cleaning and pressing?

Typically, dry cleaning and pressing will be able to address and improve the conditions, although if the damage is extensive pressing may improve, but not cure problems:

Dry cleaning and pressing will NOT repair the following defects:

I am preparing to ship my books. How should I prepare them and where is your address?

The address to ship books will be on the last page of the submission form. Pack your books securely so they do not move during shipping and are well-padded/cushioned. If your books shift around in the box you risk damaging them. Use blue painter's tape as much as possible when securing the books inside the package. DO NOT use packing tape on the bag and boards of your books. If someone has to do a lot of pulling, cutting, and/or bending of things to get the books out there is a risk of damage. It is recommended you do a practice-run of packing your books. If they don't move around and you can unpack them easily you've done a great job! Click here to view a sample of packing your books

Is there a preferred way to ship my books to you? Is it safe for delivery?

USPS and UPS are the most reliable ways to ship to my house. Our mail carrier has been delivering to us for 18 years and has a safe place to put our boxes if there are too many or don't fit in the mailbox.  The regular UPS delivery driver has been delivering to us for at least 7 years and we have each other's phone numbers for regular communication. He too knows where to place boxes safely. We live out in the country with only family living on the road.  We have never had a delivery issue with missing boxes or stolen boxes.

How will I pay?

You will receive an invoice through PayPal (regardless if you have an account). You can pay using PayPal funds or a credit card. You will be billed as books are being completed and shipping is typically within 1-2 days. If you need to be billed sooner then the bill can be sent shortly after the books arrive.

Do you submit to CGC?

Yes, I am a CGC Authorized Dealer. I pass along a nice percentage of my discount on grading costs to my customers. CGC costs are $22 ($3 savings) per modern book, $34 for vintage ($6 dollar savings), and $75 for High Dollar ($10 savings). For books valued over $1,000 please consult ahead of time.  There is NO DISCOUNT on Signature Series. Cost of signature series is CGC cost plus 5% to cover PayPal fees. 

Is there a recommended number of books to submit?

For the best per book cost I recommend submissions in groups of five (5) up to twenty-five (25) books per CGC order. Base shipping from CGC is typically $25.00 for the first five (5) books then $5.00 more for each set of five books.  6 to 10 books is $30.00. 11 to 15 books is $35.00 and so on.

Please note that CGC divides orders by modern (1975 to present up to $400 value), vintage (before 1975 up to $400), books valued $401-1,000, books over $1,000, and books where you wish for a custom label. If you submit a mixed group of these books they will all ship separate. 3 modern books and 3 vintage books will result in two different boxes being shipped to you at $25.00 each. Each group of books will ship as they are done being graded.