Comic Cleaning & Pressing Services

We are pleased to offer dry cleaning and pressing services for our customers. Dry cleaning involves the use of tools that do not include chemical cleaning. As such, our dry cleaning methods and pressing will typically address and improve the conditions:

  • Dirty covers/pages

  • Bends that do not break color

  • Creasing that does not break color

  • Waviness of Covers

  • Spine rolls

  • Indents

  • Crunches

  • Dents

  • and in some cases attached items/debris such as stickers or other items stuck to the cover/pages

Dry cleaning and pressing will NOT repair the following defects:

  • Staining

  • Pen, marker or other ink

  • Bends, creases, and indents that break color

  • Rusted, missing, or loose staples

  • Tears or missing pieces

  • Detached pages/covers from the staples

  • Spine splits

  • Brittle or fragile pieces

  • Restoration (such as coloring over a spot with marker)